Melusi Simelane

One of Swaziland’s most recognizable activists, Melusi Simelane is a name synonymous with human rights. As the founder of Eswatini Sexual & Gender Minorities (ESGM), Simelane uses his voice to bring awareness to the conditions under which the LGBTI community and all minority groups live in Swaziland.

In challenging power, his approach is guided by the belief that change cannot be achieved without mutual respect and consultation. His advocacy holds the ideals of slow and steady change in high regard, as a means of attaining long-term consistent reform of current societal, legal and governmental structures

As a passionate scholar and activist, he is an invaluable resource in driving the fight against discrimination forward through education, dialogue and capacity building. This was first demonstrated in the hosting of the inaugural Pride Celebrations which took place in June 2018. This was only just the beginning.

As a leading voice of the cause for ending stigma and discrimination against social minorities in Swaziland and globally, Simelane is a symbol of selfless leadership that recognises humanity as a guiding principle.