Eswatini Sexual and Gender Minorities

We are a human rights community based advocacy organisation with the goal to advance the protection of human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender and intersex persons in the kingdom of Eswatini.
The organisation further works on reducing harm that affects the well being of Swazis based on sexual orientation and gender identity and expression.



Gay rights are human rights too, there is no separation

Our Mandate

Eswatini Sexual and Gender Minorities (ESGM) was founded to take the movement beyond the current politics as we understand them. Revolutionary movements tend to find themselves stuck when not healthily contested and challenged. ESGM aims to diversify the approach to activism and advocacy, as a whole. The time for complacency and personality politics is over, the movement of the people must be returned to the people, themselves. This is the mandate of ESGM.



The Freedom to be, and live and live your life without any opressions

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